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Multi Emulator Pro has 3 Emulators and all the games of GBA SNES and NES are in one app.


This is the easiest way to play all the GBA, SNES and NES Games on your Android device.

All you need to do is browse the games, search them, download and play.

Multi Emulator Pro can run the games even if you are offline.

When you online download the games that you like and play them offline.

Games will be saved automatically when you exit the app immediately. So you dont need to save your games manually. 

You still want to save manually? No problem.

Great bluetooth controller support .


Watch the video!!!

Customizable virtual controller:

- Change virtual controller size, place etc.

- Dont wait for the boring intros

- Fast forward up to 8X. 




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Thanks a lot for being with us...


Why not on Play Store?

Because Play Store did not accept our app due to their policy. :S

If you have any download problems, contact with us at



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