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Here you can find useful infos and news about retro gaming, emulators and more!

Yes, you are not the only one who wants to play oldie games like Super Mario, Pac-Man or Tetris.

But downloading roms, installing emulators, saving them on the pcs are boring things. Since we have faster internet, stronger pcs, it is possible to do many apps to run on browsers like Office, Video Conferance etc.

And this is not limited with these apps. Retro console emulators are also in this group and with the power of Javascript the emulators can be run on browsers with many extra functions.

Our website gives you very large console and game choice to play the retro games in your browsers.

The one of the best thing of the online emulator is that it is platfrom free. Doesnt matter what device you use, the online emulator adapts itself even on mobile browsers. 

With virtual gamepad the games can be played on mobile devices.


Just browse our website to find your favorite game and press start game button to relive the glory.

We recommend you to try Gameboy Advance emulator. So you will get the chance to play all the Gba Pokemon games, Mario games and others without downloading roms or emulators.


Welcome to Emulator Online

By   27-01-2020

Welcome to Emulator Online!

Playing retro games in browsers is not so new. For couple of years there are online emulators that can be run under broswers. But most of them are very useless, with old tech like flash (unbelivable but most of sites still use these old and unsecure flash emulators), or emulators that have no options, customizations (most likely non-available for mobile use like virtual controller on mobile view).


What exactly does our online emulator provide?

First of all, it's a mobile friendly emulator that can run games very smoothly with vurtual controller, so no need to worry about starting but not able to play games. 

Secondly our emulator has many features:

- Save game

- Load your saved games

- Aspect Ratio

- Many filter options

- Pause game

- Volume Control

- Cheat friendly

- Set your keys easily

and more...

At the start press "Play Now" to start the emulator. It will prepare emulator and game rom for you in seconds (depending on your internet speed) and you are good to go! :)


When the game is started move your mouse on the emulator and menu will be appeared. See how many options it has!

On the left side:

- Reset

- Pause

- Save

- Load

- Set Keys

- Enter Cheat Code


And on the right side: 

- Volume Control

- Settings

- Full Screen

On the settings you can find many shader options that will make your game look sharper, smoother or old TV look. :)


We hope you like our site and enjoy the games!

If the game(s) you are looking for is (are) not there, please contact us. We will add as soon as possible. Just let us know which game you want to have contacting us at info [at] emulatoronline.xyz