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= Directions

Z = A   X = B

A = X   S = Y

D = L   C = R

 enter ↵  = Start

  shift   = Select

Game Details

It is my favorite ds game EVER! Also, my family thinks it is really fun, too! But they prefer the wii game. My little sister and I also like to hit wireless connection on DS's to play together, I recommend this game to anyone, it is: 1. SUPER FUN 2. lots of awesome characters 3. cool racetracks 4. it is super fun to race friends/family! 5. unlock everthing, and get special characters and prizes, like trophies! to race, the only problem is that u need to hold down the A button the whole entire time ur racing. to move, simply use the + contrl pad. to get a dice block to get a trap to use on people, just run through it and it magically gives u a trap! to use it, hit any of the buttons to set it in front/behind you. note: u cannot choose whether it goes behind u or in front. but if u race right into a trap, it will slow u down! how to win: the object is to race to the finish line 1rst. traps can slow people down so u can get ahead, or stay ahead! tips: to get ahead in the beginning: just simply dont hold down A until the numbers 3...2 go. then, right after it says 2, thats when u hold down A and GO! u will get a speed boost! hope this was helpful!!

Date Added: 15-10-2021

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