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Asphalt: Urban GT (AUGT for short) puts you behind the wheel of one of 25 cars ranging from Lamborghini to Nissan to VW New Beetle, from coupes to muscle cars to 4x4 SUVs. You can race in one of several cities including Miami, Chenobyl, New York, Hong Kong, and more. While breaking no new grounds, AUGT puts together elements from some of the most successful racing games on the PS2 and Xbox; you'll recognize Need for Speed, Test Drive, Burnout, and maybe others in this game. Overall, the game does an admirable job implementing the best features of the other games which results in a potentially fun gaming experience. Being an arcade racer, AUGT makes it easy to get into the action quickly. You can choose from traditional races or time attacks or cop chases (sounds familiar?). Like other racing games, you can pick the career mode (called evolution here) and earn cash to unlock cars. The audio takes advantage of the DS's stereo capabilities and you can be your own DJ, choosing from a small number of music tracks. The graphics on the game is pretty good, reminding me of racing games on the original PS. The framerate is awesome: even when you use boost to get into high speed racing, the framerate never slows down. The smooth graphics makes the game very playable (unlike the Nokia Ngage version of the same game). Unfortuantely, the graphics tends to be too dark. Mind you, the DS's screens, albeit backlit, are not very bright unless you are in the dark (nothing unfamiliar to GBA SP users). AUGT can be very hard to see, especially when the screen gets crowded with other vehicles. The dark graphics also means background elements like buildings, obstacles and other cars would blend together, making it difficult to, say, recognize upcoming corners. (In all fairness, the Rallisport Challenge-like direction arrow hints help a little.) I have shown the game to my gamer buddies and all had the same reaction: awesome framerate and background graphics, but lousy brightness. Plus, we all felt the DS's screens are too small for the complexity of the game's graphics. (The top screen is used for racing, the bottom shows course map and stats.)

Date Added: 21-10-2021

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