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SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart. published 28 years ago: 龍虎の拳 © 1992 SNK Corp. (Ryuuko no Ken) An early Neo-Geo martial arts fighting game with 2 selectable characters in 1-player mode and 8 selectable characters in 2-player mode which also features a long-nosed end boss. Progressive damage is shown on each fighter's face for a dramatic effect. TECHNICAL Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware. Game ID: NGM-044 [SNK MVS Neo-Geo Controls] 2 players - 4 buttons per player = > [A] Punching attack, [B] Kicking attack, [C] Throw enemy, [D] Taunt TRIVIA Ryuuko no Ken was released in September 1992 in Japan. The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Dragon and Tiger Fist'. This game is known outside Japan as Art of fighting" A bootleg of this game is known as "Fit of Fighting". SNK's second fighting-game franchise. It was the first fighting game by SNK to feature the character designs of former SNK illustrator Shinkiro, who would go on to do the character designs for the later "Fatal Fury" and "The King of Fighters" games. This is the first fighting game to feature the 'camera zoom' - where the camera zooms in when the fighters are close together and zooms out when the fighters move away from each other. This is also the first fighting game to utilize a 'spirit meter'. Every time a special move is executed the spirit meter is depleted accordingly. The more powerful the special move, the more it depletes. When it's empty special moves can't be done anymore, however, you can recharge the spirit meter by standing still and holding the A or B button leaving you totally defenseless. Robert Garcia design was inspired by the famous actor Steven Seagal. Takuma Sakazaki desgin was inspired by Masutatsu Oyama. The Haou Shokou Ken was referred to as the Haou Ken (or as the game put it, the 'Haow-Ken'). Its similarity to Ryu's (of "Street Fighter" fame) Hadou Ken forced the name change. The character's fighting stance and their victory pose depends on how beaten up they are. Lee Pai Long is called Lee Piron in the game's source code. TIPS AND TRICKS Play as Todoh, Jack, Lee, King, Micky and John: player 2 must join. Play as Mr. Big and Mr. Karate: reach them on 1P Game, then player 2 must join. Move Command Delay: its possible to input the commands for any special or super move but it is not necessary to press the corresponding attack button right away, this allows you to delay any move for as long as you want in order to surprise an opponent! This trick also enables you to perform slower versions of some special moves such as projectile attacks. Try it!:)

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